CCR Director, Brian Kelly, recently attended the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) global immigration forum in Orlando, Florida. While there he had the opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between immigration in Ireland and the US.

Certain topics discussed were that of Ireland ‘simplifying their immigration policies in order to better engage in the global marketplace’.  The removal of a ‘re-entry visa requirement’ and the ‘Trusted Partner initiative’ which gives companies ‘streamlined application requirements and processing times’, are just two of the simplifications Ireland has made in the hopes of attracting business and economic growth.

These changes, coupled with Ireland’s ‘favourable tax laws, highly-skilled labor force, and the fact that English is the predominant language’ have all contributed to ‘making Ireland the fastest growing economy in the EU’.

These discussions have led to an article on AILA’s Think Immigration blog. The full article can be found here.