The Residential Tenancies Bill has passed all stages of the Dáil and the Seanad and will and will come into law on July 1st.

The new rules are part of legislation to strengthen the protections for tenants. Provisions in the Bill include a requirement that short-term lettings for any period up to a maximum of 14 days in rent pressure zones require planning permission unless specifically exempted, with fines of up to €5,000.

The Bill gives powers to the Residential Tenancies Board to investigate and sanction landlords if they breach rent caps. It will make it a criminal offence for landlords with properties in Rent Pressure Zones to raise the rent above the legally allowed 4%. The Bill will also make it a criminal offence for landlords to fail to co-operate with an investigation as well as a failure to register and update tenancies with the RTB. The new rules will also empower the RTB to investigate, without the need for a complaint from the public. It will mean notice periods given to tenants by landlords will be extended.

Source: RTE News and Irish Times, May 22nd