As part of our regular updates to the market, we highlight important or interesting news from the immigration system in Ireland. This news update is extremely important and details a change in the Irish Re-Entry Visa Application process. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS), like many government agencies, are understaffed. While they do the best job possible with their existing resources, the decision has been made that the Office in Dublin will no longer be facilitating appointments for application for Re-Entry Visas. We will update you as we receive any further news on this change in the process. Corporate Care Relocation is here to assist you through any immigration issues you face. Call to speak to us on +353 21 432 3533.

Irish Re-Entry Visa Application Process:

The On-Line Appointments service for Visa requiring nationals seeking Re-entry Visas from the Re-entry Division, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service will cease as and from the Monday, 3 September 2018.  This is with the exception of emergency re-entry visa on-line appointments. Emergency appointments will only be facilitated where the applicant has an urgent need to travel for one of the following reasons:

• Death of a family member abroad

• Need to visit a critically ill family member in hospital abroad

• Documentary evidence from a GP / hospital will be required

All applications for re-entry visas will now be received through the registered post postal system. Applicants are advised to submit their postal applications 5 to 6 weeks prior to intended travel. Applications cannot be submitted without one or both of the following:

• IRP Stamp in Passport post-IRP Registration (note this is only provided in Dublin while waiting for the card to be issued)

• IRP Card (issued and collected/delivered 4 weeks post-IRP registration)

Travel plans should be postponed or at a minimum booked with changeable flights until the Re-Entry Visa has been received back from the processing Office. Assignees should never travel without an up to date IRP Card and Re-Entry Visa. The Re-Entry Visa application process now becomes an ‘unaccompanied’ process for the most part as applications must be submitted by post. The Re-entry Visa application process can be ‘accompanied’ in the following way: CCR meets with the applicant to review all required documentation prior to submission. On confirmation that the documents meet the required standard, CCR can submit the application by post on the applicant’s behalf.

Please note that the final decision to grant a Re-Entry Visa will remain that of the processing officer.

Items to Note for Re-Entry Visa Applications:

The Department is becoming increasingly stringent when processing Re-Entry Visa applications. There is an increased scrutiny being applied to passport photos submitted as part of the Re-Entry Visa application process. Processing officers are actively reviewing Employment Permits, Passports and previous visas to ensure the same photo is not being used again. Where there is a suspicion that the photo could be 6 months or older the application will be rejected.  Passport photos must be to the specific requirements as outlined by CCR and also in the INIS website at