Up to 8,000 international 3rd level students now have the opportunity to renew their immigration status online rather than queuing in person at the Burgh Quay Immigration Bureau. 

Students in the Dublin region will now be asked to submit their renewals online during the months of September, October and November. The new process has students uploading all supporting documentation online and then posting their passport to INIS so that it can be stamped and then returned to the international students.

“Ireland is home to third level universities and colleges of global standing. Increasing numbers of international students choose to come to study in Ireland every year.” “I am pleased to be able to make their interactions with the immigration services more accessible and user-friendly.” – Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan.

In order to be eligible for this online renewal system, the students must;

  • be a Dublin resident
  • hold a Stamp 2 permission
  • have successfully completed the first year of a degree course
  • be registered for a subsequent year of their degree course
  • meet the standard conditions for student permission; registered with a college, hold medical insurance, proof of residence in the State

Since 2017, a 20% increase of non-EEA nationals registered immigration permissions. The 138,000 registered for work, for family reunification and for education. INIS will consider extending the new online system to other categories in the future to keep in line with other reform developments.

Source: TheJournal.ie 29th July 2019