Dear Partner,

Please find below latest update on COVID-19 regarding relocation and immigration. Corporate Care Relocation will keep you updated if there is any further news.

Corporate Care Relocation & new restrictions on movement:

  • We continue to operate as normally as is possible in the current environment, however the environment is changing weekly.
  • At midnight on Friday last, stringent new measures were enacted by the Irish government restricting people’s movement, essentially instructing people not linked to ‘essential services’ to stay at home. 15,000 police have been mobilised to ensure that this is observed.
  • On Saturday the government issued their list of ‘essential services’, Relocation Services are not on this list. As a result, all interaction with clients which would involve members of our team leaving their homes are suspended until at least Sunday April 12th. Should this period be extended, we will continue to comply.
  • Estate agents and property agents are also closed. Hotels and many other temporary accommodation providers have been instructed not to accept or register guests at the current time.
  • We will absolutely continue to assist clients & customers via phone and email. However, where they are already in the country, we will be strongly encouraging them to respect the government’s mandate.
  • We have little choice other than to respect this and have instructed our team members that under no circumstances should they allow clients or customers pressure them to deviate. Should situations or questions arise Niamh Bablena and Frank Morley will make the required decisions.
  • We are very aware that difficult situations can arise and times like this and we are absolutely here to help. Please bring such situations should they arise to the immediate attention of Niamh Bablena or Frank Morley.


External environment:

  • Banks are now closed.
  • PPS offices are now closed. PPS service online remain available.
  • Hotels have closed; self-catering and short-term accommodation facilities attached to hotels are continuing as normal however in most cases cleaning services have been suspended.
  • Transport restrictions continue to evolve. Public bus, tram and train services are still running but on much reduced timetables. Public transport may be boarded by police and travellers asked to prove that their movements are linked to essential services. If not, they may be fined and requested to return home immediately. The airports remain open but for emergency departures and arrivals only.
  • Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open (some with limited hours) but are only allowing limited numbers in-store at any given time. Special times have been allotted to elderly and infirm residents.
  • All other shops are closed.


Immigration Services:

  • The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) announced that they had implemented their contingency plan to ensure the continued processing of employment permit applications and applications for Stamp 4 Support Letters. More details at this website:
    • Issuing employment permits by the DBEI will now be in PDF format.
    • Stamp 4 applications can be submitted through a dedicated email address
    • Review of decisions by DBEI can now be submitted by email.
    • Confirmation that during the renewal process, an employee can work and reside in Ireland once an employment permit application has been submitted.
    • Trusted partner applications, both first time and renewals, can be made online. Hard copy does not have to be submitted at this time.
    • If employees are working from home, a notification to the DBEI is required.
    • Prior to the granting of employment permits, relevant stakeholders will be contacted to see if they wish to proceed with the current application. Applicants can be held in queue, change their start date, or withdraw an application with a full refund.
    • All medical applications for permits will continue to be processed as a priority, so some delays are inevitable, but we will keep our clients updated on the status of their cases.
  • The Department of Justice and Equality, through the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) have also issued a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions at this website:


Should any of these issues impact our clients, our Immigration Consultants will update them individually.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

  • Frank Morley            +353 87 654 0179
  • Niamh Bablena        +353 86 859 7855
  • Brian Kelly                    +353 87 6811441