At the latest ceremony to confer Irish citizenship, Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, congratulated 2,400 new Irish citizens. The new citizens, originally from 90 different countries, join 120,000 others from 180 countries who have been granted certificates of naturalisation at 141 of these events in the last 8 years.

The top five nationalities for today’s citizenship ceremonies are:

  • Poland (406)
  • UK (309)
  • Romania (218)
  • India (186)
  • Nigeria (99)


The Minister stated “The people of Ireland are committed to respecting all traditions on this island equally. Our Migrant Integration Strategy is about building a society where we all live in harmony while at the same time respecting our cultural or religious differences. We recognise that developing a greater understanding of our shared history, in all its diversity, is essential to developing greater understanding and building a shared future… at the heart of the European family of nations.”

Among the rights gained by those receiving citizenship is voting rights equal to those of all Irish citizens, including the right to vote in referendums and Presidential elections (voting in which is restricted to Irish citizens)

Source: Department of Justice and Equality, April 29th