Dear Partner,


We appreciate that you are receiving lots of information from many partners at the moment, the purpose of this email is to provide a brief factual update on the situation in Ireland and at Corporate Care.


Corporate Care:

  • We continue to operate as normally as is possible in the current environment.
  • We have temporarily scaled back part of our team in response to a significant fall-off in new initiations and various external impediments to existing case load.
  • Most team members are now working from home so please contact them by email in the first inst.
  • We continue to operate our usual business hours and you should continue to contact your regular Corporate Care contacts with escalations to Niamh Bablena or Frank Morley as usual.


External environment:

  • Banks are still operating relatively normally albeit with social distancing and limited-numbers in-branch practices being observed.  Appointments are being limited to 15 minutes.
  • PPS offices remain open but only for people with an appointment; walk-ins are suspended.  Social distancing practices are being observed.
  • The IRP (residency permit) services remain open with social distancing and limited-numbers in-office practices being observed.
  • Many large hotels have closed; self-catering and short-term accommodation facilities attached to hotels are continuing as normal.
  • Transport restrictions continue to evolve.  Public bus, tram and train services are for the moment unaffected albeit that the number of travelling passengers has hugely reduced.  The airports remain open but the government is actively encouraging Irish residents not to travel anywhere.
  • Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open (some with limited hours) but are only allowing limited numbers in-store at any given time.  Special times have been allotted to elderly and infirm residents.
  • Many other general shops and stores have closed; all major department stores have closed.


Relocation Services

  • School search is not possible at the current time as all schools, creches and colleges are closed.
  • Home finding continues.  We are also facilitating virtual viewings and other virtual services.
  • Settling-in services continue, see comments on bank & PPS above


Welcoming new assignees

  • For all new assignees arriving into Ireland we are requesting that they self-isolate for 14 days.
  • For assignees already here, provided they have isolated for 14 days, we will work with them as usual.
  • Our consultants will check with assignees before accompanying them to ensure they are free of any cold or flu symptoms.
  • Social distancing will be observed at all times.  Assignees will be asked to occupy the back seat of the car.  All cars are equipped with hand sanitizer, paper towels masks and bottled water.


If you have any questions or require additional information please contact:


We hope that everyone is safe and well.


Kind regards,


The Corporate Care team