Dublin, Monday Feb 1st, In addition to the new visa requirements which were communicated on Jan. 29th (see the update at https://www.corporatecare.ie/immigration-updates-south-africa-and-brazil/), the Irish government has also taken the decision to temporarily cease accepting new visa/preclearance applications. This came into effect from close of business 29th of January 2021.  The situation will continue to be reviewed in consultation with the relevant authorities in the coming weeks.  While it will still be possible to apply for an Irish visa/preclearance online in the normal manner, these temporary measures mean that applicants will not be able to complete their application process at their local embassy / VFS office.  Please note that any application made online will remain valid until such time as restrictions are lifted.

The government intend to resume accepting applications as soon as safety concerns ease. Certain Priority/Emergency cases will continue to be processed and these include the following:

  • Workers or self-employed persons exercising critical occupations including healthcare workers, frontier and posted workers as well as seasonal workers as referred to in the Guidelines concerning the exercise of the free movement of workers during the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • transport workers or transport service providers, including drivers of freight vehicles carrying goods for use in the territory as well as those merely transiting;
  • patients travelling for imperative medical reasons;
  • pupils, students and trainees who travel abroad on a daily basis and Third-country nationals travelling for the purpose of 3rd level study;
  • persons travelling for imperative family or business reasons;
  • diplomats, staff of international organisations and people invited by international organisations whose physical presence is required for the well-functioning of these organisations, military personnel and police officers, and humanitarian aid workers and civil protection personnel in the exercise of their functions;
  • passengers in transit;
  • seafarers;
  • journalists, when performing their duties.

If your application falls into one of these categories, you can apply on-line in the usual way. Once you’ve completed the on-line application, you should follow the instructions given on the summary page as to where you should submit your application.

If you are unsure as to whether you require a visa/preclearance to enter Ireland you can check here by entering your nationality.

These measures are designed to support our public health restrictions on movement, including into and out of Ireland.  For all of with an appointment already in place, we advise you to make contact with your local embassy for clarity on next steps as soon as possible.  CCR will be pro-actively contacting all impacted clients today. 

As of midnight 27th January 2021, in addition to countries who were visa required prior to that date, passport holders of the following countries are now also required to apply for an entry visa or transit visa, as appropriate, before travelling to Ireland:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Ecuador (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Guyana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • South Africa
  • Suriname (transit visa now required – this country is already subject to entry visa requirements)
  • Uruguay