Important Updates from Ireland, COVID-19
DUBLIN, Ireland, Tuesday October 20th: The Irish government has announced that the entire island of Ireland (excluding the 6 counties of Northern Ireland which are under UK jurisdiction) will move to Level 5 of ‘Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19’ from midnight on Wednesday, October 21st. This is the most restrictive level of the plan, the purpose of this bulletin is to provide information on the details and implications of Level 5 is so far as they impinge on people relocating to Ireland. This bulletin is one of a series of COVID-19 updates published
by Corporate Care which will continue through-out for the duration of the pandemic. Corporate Care has made every effort to ensure that this information is current and correct however we cannot accept responsibility for changes in government policy or health guidelines which may impact our services, or the information contained herein.

Travel to Ireland
The Irish Government continues to advise against non-essential travel for all countries however in discussing this with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Corporate Care Relocation have been advised that ‘non-essential’ travel principally refers to vacations only. Business travel and moving to Ireland for the purposes of work are deemed to be ‘essential’ but restriction of movement for 14 days after arrival is required by health officials. In summary it is absolutely permissible to travel to Ireland for the purposes of work or relocation once restricted movement guidelines are adhered to on arrival.

What are the key elements of Level 5?

Corporate Care operations during COVID-19 Level 5
Corporate Care’s activities are deemed essential and we will continue to work as usual during level 5 subject to the precautions and other measures we have put in place since the pandemic began. Home viewings will proceed, we will continue to provide a blend of virtual and in-person viewings. We remain in regular touch with the various government
departments and bodies and we will update you as appropriate with any relevant developments.