Dublin, Ireland.

We at CCR are delighted to announce today the coming together of two long established and well-known Irish  relocation companies, Corporate Care Relocation and The Relocation Bureau. This morning, a deal was concluded whereby Corporate Care’s parent company purchased 100% of the share capital of The Relocation Bureau.

Since 1990 The Relocation Bureau has been offering a cost-effective, bespoke range of destination services to support companies and their employees relocating to Ireland and  overseas. The Relocation Bureau is an award­winning relocation company and the longest established in Ireland.

Corporate Care Relocation (CCR) was founded in 1997 to look after the personal needs of people moving for business. CCR supports the work of the world’s largest relocation companies and their global corporate  clients with a full suite of Relocation & Immigration services. CCR has offices in Dublin  and Cork and has team members living and working across the island of Ireland, both North and South.

Francine O’Byrne, Founder & Managing Director of The Relocation Bureau and a former president of EuRA,  said that she was ‘delighted with this initiative’, she added that ‘in an industry where acquisitions and mergers have very much become the norm in recent years, this is a sensible and logical move for both companies, ii brings together the core strengths of each award winning relocation company and ultimately can only be good for our customers, partners and suppliers. While I plan to step back from the business I will remain in a consultancy capacity  for some time which I can now do happy in the knowledge that The Relocation Bureau is in excellent hands.’

In announcing the coming together of both companies, Frank Morley, Managing Director of Corporate Care, echoed Francine’s words stating that ‘both companies share very similar business principles with total focus  on delivering service excellence at all times. In an industry where we are often dealing with people at a stressful time in their lives and where they depend on us as they settle into life in new surroundings, we always strive to be better. Bringing the ideas, experience,  creativity and approach of both companies together will allow us to pursue this goal with even greater determination.’

We really appreciate your continued support and the teams at Corporate  Care and The Relocation Bureau look forward to continuing to work with you during the months and years ahead.

With kindest regards

Frank Morley

Managing Director, Corporate Care