An announcement on the 24th July 2019 from Minister Heather Humphreys TD, makes changes to the minimum remuneration levels for Critical Skills Employment Permit holders and details a more extensive Labour Market Needs Test.  Effective January 1st 2020, the threshold for Critical Skills Employment Permits will change from €30,000/€60,000 to €32,000/€64,000. The 6.7% threshold increase comes from a recommendation of the Review of Economic Migration Policy (2018). The five month lead in time is to allow for a comprehensive information campaign with stakeholders. Amendments to the Labour Market Needs Test include an increase in the time required to perform a more adequate test on the EEA labour market from two to four weeks. This will effect future General Employment Permit holders, as well as giving an extension of the 90-day-rule to 120 days for academic institutions.

Source: DBEI News Announcement 24th July 2019